Setting up a document archive of text files and links.
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I need to set up a database-driven document archive of mostly text files and links. I want the archive to have a tree structure and allow the public to browse it without logging in. I want each file to have a description. I prefer PHP or Perl and need to use it on a shared hosting account. I would think something open source like this would be out there, but I can't find it. Any advice?
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Why reinvent a server protocol when this is precisely what gopher is intended for? Simple, effective and certainly time-tested, so bugs shouldn't be much of a problem... This contemporary implementation works nicely on both Mac OS X and various other UNIX, but there are several others available and still supported if you search SourceForge.
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Well, it's not database-driven, since it uses the filesystem as the data store, but it's very much an hierarchical archive of text files and links with public browsing: Blosxom.
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