Proxy/VPN services for watching Hulu outside of US
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Proxy/VPN recommendations for using Hulu outside of the US? (Non-free options welcome)

Hotspot Shield is cool, but is awfully slow for streaming video. Any recommendations on a fast proxy or VPN service?

Heard good things about WiTopia, but figured I'd try and get a few other recommendations before jumping for that one.
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A previous list I put up. The new one I found is StrongVPN. I'm sorry I don't have a personal recommendation on which one in particular.
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UltraSurf is usually pretty fast for me. Free, windows only app, sets up a proxy on local post 9666 so you can use it in Firefox. Note that the primary audience of this app is Chinese users wanting to tunnel though the Great Firewall, but I've found it works perfectly fine for normal use in most cases.
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I would also add Hotspot Shield and AceVPN.
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