Hope me find good discussions of globalization.
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Can you recommend good blogs about globalization? I am particularly interested in the effects of globalization on modern international and (US) domestic law.
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How the World Works, hosted by Salon.com, is a blog on globalization in general.
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I'll chime in since this is sort of a tricky question - the word "globalization" encompasses so many different and relatively new concepts, it's tricky to wade through the sludge to find quality writing on what you're interested in (though I know it exists, hence my favoriting of this question). For topics this broad though, it's sometimes more helpful to get as much info on background as you can, and glean nuggets of insight from there.

A few blogs that I have in my RSS reader include Silicon Hutong (China-centric), Thomas Barnett's blog (next-gen warfare, usually interesting), China Law Blog (guess that one's obvious). I think if you do some link jumping from those, particularly the China blogs, you should find what you're looking for. If you do find good stuff, please post links in this thread! Thanks
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