Name that building!
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What is the building I saw while driving on the beltway around DC?

On a recent trip from Alabama to New Jersey, I spent hours stuck in traffic on the beltway surrounding Washington, DC. I distinctly remember a tall, somewhat ornate, stone building to the west--the left as I headed north. I presume this building was in Arlington County, though I could be mistaken.

1) Does anyone know the name of the building?

2) Short of querying the hive mind, how would one find out the name of buildings like this?
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I don't know the building, but Wikimapia is often helpful.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 1:15 AM on August 14, 2008

Thanks, dirtynumb! It turns out I was looking at the George Washington Masonic Memorial. I never would have found it without your help!
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You're welcome :)
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I came here to say the Masonic but looks like you already figured that out :)
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Yes, it is the Masonic! I actually discovered you can do a tour through it - there's several a day, and they go through the very elaborate building floor by floor - it's practically a Masonic museum. The best part is getting up to the observation deck at the top of the tower - which has an amazing view.
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Google images link here for the curious. Wikipedia article.
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Note that the Memorial is in the city of Alexandria, not the county of Arlington.
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