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Does anyone make rubber, lined raincoats with latch fasteners any longer?

When I was much younger I had a raincoat that was yellow, rubber and lined with plaid wool. It also had metal latch closures on the front-- not buttons or snaps. One friend had one with toggles.

Maybe 10 years ago in a "rich-men-with-too-much-money-who-buy-repro-sextons-and-2k-shearling-coats" catalog, I saw what they called a "Maine Fisherman's coat"-- rubber, lined with brown corduroy, with some kind of metal closures. It was about 400 bucks. I did not get it as, at the time, I was in college.

Since then, I have looked everywhere online. This includes eBay, Bean, Land's End and Orvis. I have also looked and in a few boating/fishing stores for something similar, but to no avail. Everything looks athletic, or it looks too fashion-forward. I have searched under slicker, rain gear, rain coat, and a host of other terms. What I mostly find is more modern, construction-worker rain gear which is invariably unlined and has snap closure.

Any ideas?
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IIRC, you did not have an actual Paddington Bear raincoat. Paddington wore a wool plaid-lined hooded blue duffle coat with wooden toggle-and-rope closures on the front. That said, I don't believe there is a manufacturer in the world who makes a fashionable yellow rubber raincoat with a wool lining. If you are interested in a Paddington-type duffle, you can get the original specimen here.
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I feel your pain on this one. I have been looking for the very same thing, for freaking YEARS, to no avail. My search has included military surplus and law enforcement supply stores; even though I haven't had any luck there myself, maybe you could give them a go?
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Heh, thanks for the clarification. I guess I just wanted my coat to be just like Paddington's. :)
Incidentally, I am not looking for fashionable cut per se, just rubber, lined and metal closure. Very much the Maine Fisherman's coat.
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Is this close? Looks like the closures are snaps, though. :(
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I've never seen Paddington Bear in a raincoat either, maybe it is a US thing.
Definitely a woolen duffel coat like here: http://www.teddybearfriends.co.uk/images/teddy-bears/large/paddington-bear-bag-blue.jpg
I have one of those coats (great in wind and drizzle, no good in proper rain).
I would also be interested in a lined rubber coat. Maybe the Canadians can help? They seem to have the best outdoor wear for adverse conditions.
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This probably won't help you at all now, but I have the exact coat you're looking for. I bought it at Chess King (remember that place?) back in 1987-ish. I can't believe it has survived 20 years of abuse. I love that coat.
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There were some Paddington bears sold in the US that were "themed". I had one in a golfing outfit with a little bag of golf clubs, the classic padington bear and also a padington wearing his raincoat, hat and wellies.

Good luck on your search.
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Try Sierra Trading Post.
They specialize in small lots, sometimes of odd sizes, and stock comes in and goes out fairly quickly. They do a ton of outdoorwear, and they have a killer search function. Things are only a percentage of the original price, too.
If you don't see what you want, keep checking back. It sounds like the kind of thing they get a lot of.
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