Help me fuel my Starbucks addiction through freelancing!
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What are some good sites to find short-term freelance writing/Internet gigs? Similar to this post, I'm looking for some temp work that will bring in a little supplemental income.

I've been using Mechanical Turk for a few weeks, and have made some nice pocket change, but I'd like something a bit more substantive (and, of course, better paying).

A lot of the freelance boards seem to focus on more full-time/daytime contract work, which won't work for me. I have a full-time job and would like something to work on during the evenings and weekends.

An ideal situation would be a site where I could view some projects, bid/accept them, and work a few hours/days to finish a product for $25-$50. My background is in writing and editing, but any type of broad IT-related jobs (IA, usability, blogging) would also be good.
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You mention working "a few hours" to make $25, which sounds like Elance to me. There's also Guru or Freelance Switch.
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You're looking for Freelance Writing Jobs, methinks. It aggregates job listings from all over the Net and is run by respected folks.
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I'm favoriting this as I'm in the same boat. I'll also check out the links in the post you referenced.

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You can always go on Craigslist
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