Recommendations on a stylist in the Boston area for my fine textured wavy hair?
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Recommendations on a stylist in the Boston area for my fine textured wavy hair?

My hair isn't that difficult to cut or style, but in order for it to look good the stylist HAS to know how to cut fine wavy hair. I have gone to stylists who are good with curly or straight hair which did not work at all for my hair type. The best haircuts I have EVER had were at Lovella in NYC (upper East Side) and in Barcelona. Those ladies HAD wavy hair and knew how to cut it just right so it didn't stick out at weird angles or look limp.

After moving to Boston two years ago and trying out three stylists who just did not work, I KNOW that there has to be at least one stylist in the Boston area who can make my wavy hair look GOOD again!! I'm willing to pay about $50 for a haircut - give or take.

I've checked previous MeFi posts but have found answers only for dudes and ladies with curly or straight hair, so hopefully this is not a repeat!

Me and my awesome new haircut will thank you!
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Best answer: I'm not sure what type of style you're looking for (conservative, edgy etc...), but I always recommend Liquid Hair Studios in the South End, specifically Megan. Their website is under construction, but there are plenty of online reviews available from other sites.

I'm not sure if Megan is still there as I moved down south a little over two years ago. Before that she was my go to stylist.

I have wavy hair and she gave me such good cuts. People came up to me on the train, the bus all the time to compliment the cuts - she was that awesome. She spent a lot of time feeling my hair, taking my face shape into consideration and then spending the needed time to get the cut just right.

I miss her!
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I go to Danika at Salon Acote on Newbury St. She is awesome. She has given me the best haircuts (and highlights) I've ever had, and my hair is fine and relatively wavy. She also did an excellent job on a male friend of mine who has long, coarse corkscrew curls, so she can manage a range of styles. Also, the salon serves espresso all the time, and wine on Friday and Saturday nights :)
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Hmmm, seems Megan may have left for a place called Escape Spa and Tanning according to these reviews.
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My wife, with fine but straight hair, will travel across half the country to get her hair cut by Evelyn at Gino's in Harvard Square.
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I'd recommend Jannelle at Blue Salon in Lexington. Lexington's roughly a 30 minute drive from Boston, but it’s also possible to take the T to Alewife and then the 62 or 76 bus to Lexington center. (If the distance seems kind of far, there are some really adorable shops in the center to justify the trip).

I have wavy hair as well (with no elasticity). It is thick though. But I have the most difficult hair in the world, so I figure anyone who can tackle mine is probably knowledge enough to handle different textures/styles.

As for cost, Jannelle initially charged 40, but now that she's been at the salon for a while, she’s upped her price to 60. It’s kind of a lot, but I always say I'd rather pay a lot for a good haircut every 8 weeks than a little for a bunch of bad haircuts more often, trying to undo the last one's damage!
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Response by poster: I ended up going to Megan and have been back since for another trim. She is fabulous with wavy hair - it is SO NICE to have it looking good again! :D
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