Straw hat, but no Dirty Hank.
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I squished my new favourite straw hat. Can it be fixed?

Returning home from a vacation, I packed my favourite straw Panama hat in my travel bag, stuffing it full of clothes and wrapping it carefully to prevent any damage. Of course, that didn't work at all. It was a bit crushed en route -- brim bent, and the crown compressed with some creases. Is there any way to fix it? It was only about $40, so any repairs I can't do myself are probably not worth it.
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Sounds like an iron and wet paper towels may do the trick.
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Steam. Put it over a kettle and slowly work out the kinks.
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A professional hat shop may be able to re-shape this for you. My boyfriend has taken a couple of vintage hats to JJ's Hat Center in NYC, where they cleaned and shaped them for free (he tipped of course). Also, when he bought an new straw hat there this summer, it was amazing how they were able to customize the shape with the steam (adding dents and a tear drop to the crown). Maybe there's a similar place in Toronto?
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To follow up on kimdog's suggestion: When I lived in Toronto there was, in fact, exactly the kind of hat shop you need. (I knew posers who'd get their fedoras reblocked there routinely.) It sat on the east side of Spadina somewhere between Dundas and Queen. I can't remember the name of the place, and that was years ago, but if the shop is still there it'll be unmistakable.
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