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I'm having dinner at Cafe Atlantico in WDC later this (restaurant) week. What should I order? What kind of wine should I get?

The menu is here. Is it worth it to get the $65 (or actually $130 since there will be two of us) tasting menu, or just stick with the choices on the $35 (=$70) restaurant week menu? I'm leaning towards: the tuna, the duck, and the chocolate.

And the wine list is on the "to drink" tab here, but I think I'd rather bring in a bottle (not too expensive, say under $20) and pay the $20 corkage. What wine would you suggest with the tasting menu or with your recommendations on the rw menu? Red or white. Or a "signature cocktail"?

FWIW: No specific special occasion, just the infrequent splurge on fancy food and wine so I can keep up with the superficial chatter of people who make more money than I do.
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It depends on your gastronomical utility, I guess... I am sure the tasting menu will be better than the restaurant week stuff, but during restaurant week, these restaurants get slammed and don't always perform at their best. I think you'd be better off doing the restaurant week menu if you're price/quality conscious.

Roll with the corkage but tailor your choice to your selection. If you do indeed do tuna, duck and choclate, there are many options.

I love pinots with tuna, as well as fleshy merlots with ducks. What style of wine do you like and what is your budget? I have recommendations for local DC wine stores
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I don't see it on the menu, but if there's a special that includes their plantains with black bean sauce, get that.
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Oh sorry, didn't see the restaurant week bit. Nevermind. :)
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Cafe Atlantico is, of course, home to José Andrés' Minibar, so I think you'd be foolish not to have the tasting menu. I've done the Minibar, and it was the single most fantastic dining experience EVAR.
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As an appetizer/ side- they make your guacamole for you at your table. It's delicious. Not sure about the wines but the pisco sours there are v. good.
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Thanks for suggestions. Pinot sounds like a good call. I was actually considering a pinot gris if I could fine one that would work with the duck. And I'd like to keep it around $20, maybe $25. Store recommendations welcome.
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Go to Addy Bassins and talk to their staff about 25 dollar pinot gris

Minibar is supposed to be fantastic, albeit expensive
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FWIW, I found an article about Restaurant Week at Oyamel, another Andrés establishment.
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