2009 Calendar Template Download
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Calendar Template for 2009 compatible with Excel 2002.

The Microsoft website has changed the requirements for downloading templates for my favorite "Calendar on Multiple Worksheets" so that the user now has to have Excel 2003 or later. I still have Excel 2002 and DO NOT WISH TO UPDATE TO ADD TO THE COFFERS OF THESE M'FERS!! I hate this kind of crap... so I ask mefites... does anyone know of a free downloadable 2009 calendar template that I can use that is similar to the one at the link below? I would appreciate it if you have used the recommended website before and preferablyfor the calendar you are suggesting. I know there are plenty of free downloadable templates, but I'm looking for a reputable site and a good calendar to boot.


Please no lectures on why Microsoft has to make these kinds of limitations... etc. My company is too cheap to buy us new licenses and I'm not about to put buy and put new software on their computer for them.
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Here is a Link to multiple calendar templates including a perpetual generating one done in Excel which worked very nicely for me. Because some of the templates use macros you will be limited in using on mac office 2008.
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I teach classes using older versions of Word and Excel and I find sometimes that I have better luck looking for calendar templates that are made in MS Word instead of Excel. I'm not sure if there's a reason you're not doing this, but this one is the one that I use and it's pretty easy to make some basic modifications to it. The blue version looks pretty close to what you are looking for. My apologies if for some reason a Word option won't work.
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Thank you to both of you... they are all great solutions!
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