Where to look for an Apt in West Harlem?
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One-bedroom Apartment in west Harlem close to the 1 train (Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights, Sugar Hill) for $1500/month or less. Where to look, other than craigslist?
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Sent you MeFi mail.
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Try these.
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Friends of mine have had luck with K&R Realty.
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Your price range is high enough for the neighborhood that it might make sense to talk to a broker.
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There must be a/several bulletin board(s) at Columbia (student union?) where people post apartments for rent.

Talk to everyone you come in contact with and ask if they know of anything. I recently got a huge one bedroom on W. 107 @ Broadway for $1300/mo (utilities included! Can you believe?) by chatting with a woman on an airplane who was relocating to Los Angeles.
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In that price range, in West Harlem, you're likely to find a lovely 1BR in one of the mid-block brownstones in Sugar Hill (which will be quiet, high-ceilinged and full of original detail).

Definitely put up a post in the "seeking housing" section of Craigslist. Especially at a good price range (like yours), those "seeking" postings actually get lots of response. That might well get you a great place direct-from-owner (saving you the broker fee).
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