DVDs in San Jose
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Anybody know somewhere in the San Jose area that sells brand spanking new DVDs/CDs when they are released at 12:01 AM on Tuesdays?

Trying to get my hands on the Clerks X dvd as soon as it is available, but all of my usual choices (Fry's, Tower, Rasputin, Borders, Barnes & Noble) aren't open late.

As a sidenote, when did Fry's start closing at 9 O' fricken clock?!? Maybe I'm imagining things, but I swear that they used to be open until like 1 AM, circa 5 years ago or so.
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Best answer: Maybe not the best place, but I've had luck at Wal*Mart for a few OMG:01! purchases of my own. I don't know if they still have a (randomly) strict policy about not stocking "offensive material," but their website does list the original Clerks DVD, so it's entirely possible they'll have it. Obviously, their site and their stores might not be synched up together, but it might be worth a shot.

Another thing to keep in mind: it won't be like there's any fanfare associated with the release, so the Clerks X DVD might not be on the top of the night stockboy's list of chores to accomplish. On the flipside, however, they very easily could put it out prior to midnight just as easily. I've bought CDs as early as 8PM the night before.

Final tip: If you're at Wal*Mart and don't see the DVD on display at 12AM, you can sometimes open up the "Secret Stash" cabinets, often found below the displays (at least for CDs). A lot of retailers store their excess inventory very close to the displays to save the hassle of running all the way back to the stockroom every damn time they sell out another Avril Lavigne CD.

Hope that helps. As always, your mileage may vary. Good luck! (Pick me up a copy!)
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If you were actually a fan, you would drive your ass 5+ hours from home to go to the Secret Stash Grand Opening, wherein you could purchase Clerks X, get it signed, and shoot the shit with Kevin and Mewes and whoever else they have lined up.

There's a million fine-lookin' DVD stores in the world, dude, but they don't all give you access to the director. Most of 'em just overcharge you.
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grade D? try grade "it's been over for years, man".
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Response by poster: Danelope - I wish I could, but I've got work. (Yes, I actually am supposed to be here that day). Besides, that shit doesn't start until 7 PM Tuesday, so even if I were first in line and raced home after, I wouldn't be home until ~12 AM Wednesday to watch the damn thing. Autographs are overrated anyway, and Kevin Smith autographs must be damn near worthless at this point, considering how many must be out there.
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man. that was mean-spirited. my only excuse is that i was credibly drunk and USA has been running Dogma constantly this summer.
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Response by poster: fishfucker - no harm, no foul. I was mostly just confused anyways, as I couldn't figure out if you were grading my question, the movie Clerks, others' comments, another thread, etc.
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Autographs are overrated anyway, and Kevin Smith autographs must be damn near worthless at this point, considering how many must be out there.

True. My belief is that that interacting with the ViewAskew gang in person carries more intrinsic worth than the market value of their autographs. From various accounts I've seen online, and from friends who have spoken to/hung out with/consumed illegal substances with Kevin et al, they have nothing but the most humble appreciation for their fans. Plus, they do good grade D work. Heh.
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