Where do you get your big dry erase boards?
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Looking for suggestions for a good vendor for a large dry erase board in the US.

I am looking for a large dry erase board for my office. I am thinking of something in the neighborhood of 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall, but I'm flexible on this.

Some other considerations:

- Something that erases easily, will last a long time, and doesen't leave a lot of "ghosting" marks would be nice, as would a white or wood frame instead of a metal one.

- Magnetic would be nice, but is not essential.

- I'm not really interested in making one myself or buying dry erase paint. I can see that idea turning into an expensive disaster.

- The cheaper the better, which includes shipping.

Thanks in advance.
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Dry erase paint is garbage (IME). Look into shower board. It comes in 4x8 pices at most hardware stores and is skads cheaper than a white board. Works 90% as well, costs 2% of the price. Have to frame it and mount it yourself though.
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I got a 6' x 4' for my office from greenlightoffice.com. Keep in mind that delivery'll cost extra.

It was more than big enough, but then I have a small office.
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For 4x8, why not just buy a ful sheet of showerboard at your local building supply place? It's really cheap (I think I paid ~$15 the last time I bought one) and works great. I guess I'm saying "make it yourself" but there's no making involved — you buy a sheet, you carry it home, you screw it to the wall. The end. No cutting, measuring, or anything complicated involved at all.
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Response by poster: Hi everyone.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I guess I should have said this earlier, but if this were in my home, I'd be all over the showerboard/DIY idea, but since it's my office, the DIY is definitely out.
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I would ask your local high school or school district where they get their white boards if they have them. Seems like they'd know, and maybe they could get you a deal.
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I did a similar search recently; after seeing really high prices targeting academic and industrial products, I looked through the offers at alibaba. I didn't see anything approaching the higher quality U.S. offerings, so I'll be following the progress of this thread with interest.
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A comment on this showerboard wiki points to a product from Avery - Write On - Sheets, 27x34 Con: Not really a permanent whiteboard solution. Pro: $27.72 with free shipping.
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We called polyvision directly and they were happy to ship a 5 x 8 one right out. They seem to no longer do that, but the thing you want is their c3 ceramicsteel whiteboard.

Prepare to spend $700.
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Response by poster: All,

This morning, I found this, and the price seems to be too good to be true. Am I missing something here?
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4ster - those numbers are followed by double-quotes, not single-quotes, so I believe that means eighteen inches by twenty-four inches.
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(cf. wikipedia)
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I'd definitely go with the showerboard idea. If you need it to be a bit more professional, find a local woodworker (or mill) in your area that could make a frame for you. I think your total expense doing it this way would be under $50 still.
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Response by poster: @ewingpatriarch: EGAD I wasn't paying attention on that one. I knew it was too good to be true.
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I'm seconding the idea of asking a school where they get theirs. 4'x8' magnetic white boards are pretty standard in classrooms. They are usually purchased in bulk, but there is always the classroom that needs a single replacement for a damaged board, etc, so the school office might be able to tell you where to get one pretty cheap.

Even better, if you know a teacher, they could probably get you one at a teacher warehouse store (some place like this, where I have seen them for $15).
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What about dry erase film. A conference center had their whole walls rolled with some sort of dry erase film floor to ceiling, it was brown and not white, maybe searching around will find something similar. The brown color may just have been their paint color.

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