Help me awesome my website.
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Looking for swanky cool whizzey bangey mouse-interaction thingummies to do to my business website.

I love it when you mouse on things and they do stuff! Especially when the stuff is useful, like accordion menus. Looking for the most graceful, easy to understand and re-style stuff, preferably ajax. These are to be integrated into a very simple and clean design, so keep that in mind. Free, open source please.
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By ajax do you mean CSS? The things you want are javascript widgets mostly, and you can learn alot by prowling around the scriptaculous and prototype.js sites.
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'Swanky' and 'cool whizzey bangey' are usually mutually exclusive, in my experience. The more zoom zoom zip you have, the more of an amateur you'll look like.
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More on the swanky, I'd say.. :)
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You probably want a JavaScript framework: MooTools or Dojo are a good place to start. AJAX doesn't really have anything to do with this; it's a method of asynchronous client-server interaction.
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Ajax Daddy
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2nding Jairus. And please, whatever you do, don't make anything you mouse over make a sound. And no sound or video that starts automatically when a page loads.
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