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Anyone know the name of the music that plays in this Audi commerical?
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It sounds a bit like Polyphonic Spree, but I admit I'm mostly saying this in the hope that the answer will pop up in my Recent Activity. Thank for introducing it to me.
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Read the comments.
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Zambrano: I have, but I'm not seeing a specific artist or title. Can you link to a correct comment please?
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Templeboy" by AZukx from the album "Mind Nature", released in 1999 on the Whirl-y-Music label.
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Thanks essexjan. Sucks that it's not available as an mp3 for purchase online, but at least I can get the CD.
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They've also been discussing the Audi A4 "Progress is Beautiful" commercial here.
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Preface by saying I believe this site to be a better source of information than Yahoo answers - although, I do believe that from reading the Yahoo answers page regarding the same question and the linked page, that the "Templeboy' song is probably not the correct one can provide any linked clip of the song....also, here's a quote from the AZukx website regarding the song...

Most notable is the hard-trance content, which is found in the middle section of the album with tracks 'Templeboy', 'Time and the Orange', 'Joe2' and 'Madcow'. Both 'Templeboy' and 'Madcow' are very strong tracks and have been forming a core section of recent live performances. It's impossible not to notice that this hard-trance sound is slightly dated, given that back in '96 most of the UK were dancing to the sounds of psychedelic trance, and now in '99 the hard trance scene isn't as big as it was then. But nonetheless, these tracks are superb, acid 303 fuelled stompers.

Sound like the same song to you? LOL - I mean, it is just pure speculation...but I'm thinkin that the song is NOT temple on...

"The rest of the album is much more chilled and relaxed, the best of which are 'Heal Yourself', which features vocals from Gary, and the superb 'Spiral Song'. This latter track has close analogies to 'One Tribe' (from Everything is Everything), where folk elements combined with Uilleann pipes result is a wonderfully uplifting, bouncy track. The closing track, 'Lighthouse', is soothing and ambient, which is what is needed after the four hard-trance tracks."

Here's another comment that ends the Yahoo! answer question about "Temple Boy"...

"Nevermind, they ended up using a different song"

My guess? The song is either "Heal Yourself", "Spiral Song" or "Lighthouse".....So, am I being pretty stupid and reading way too into this? Yes, but I also get obsessed about songs and this is the I'm going to track down the song and post it on here when I do...I will find it! :)
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For the sake of closure I thought I'd mention that it's a song recorded specifically for the commercial. It's titled "Notes on Progress" and can be downloaded from Audi's
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