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TorontoFilter: What the hell is that noise? It started with a huge crash that I thought was a tree falling on my house, and it keeps going. You can hear it in Leaside and Bathurst & Eglinton.

I can't find anything on any news sites and I'd like to go to sleep.
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Explosions at propane depot.
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Yeah, explosions. And video.
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I heard it in South Riverdale.
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I heard it in Etobicoke, but thought it was just thunder and went back to bed. We're now watching coverage of it on the tube.
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See also the MeFi thread. I hope everybody's OK.
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Wow, South Riverdale! I heard it at Bathurst and College.. I knew something funny was up because there was a rapid succession of faint thuds. No chance at all that it could be lightning. It made me think about stories of Londoners being able to hear artillery at The Front during WWI, but I knew we weren't at war..
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