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How should I ship my beloved LP collection across the country?

So, I'm moving from Portland, OR to New Orleans, LA via plane. I don't have any furniture/pets/children so I'm mostly planning on taking what fits into a couple of suitcases and shipping everything else (mostly just clothes, some books). However, I do have some vinyl record albums that I need to ship, and I really don't want to damage/warp them in the process. I have enough records to fill 1 milkbox type crate completely (maybe 50-100?) Help me, hive mind! I know a similar question has been asked in the past, but I'm wondering if anyone has some tips on shipping specifically, rather than moving the vinyl via truck.
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wikihow: packing vinyl records for shipping

i've also heard good things about getting 'em in a box with NO wiggle room, then putting that box in a box that is padded on all sides with newspaper or bubble wrap.
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Note that the insurance on parcels provided by couriers or the post office is not adequate for this type of item. They will not cover the replacement cost (no mater how much coverage you buy).

You can get third-party insurance from a company like U-PIC or DSI. Both of these places have ridiculously helpful customer service and will come up with a policy that meets your needs if the standard policy doesn't work for you.
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For packaging, you should double-box it. The records should fit snugly in the inner box. There should be at least two inches of padding between the two boxes (probably solid styrofoam -- 100 records is about 70 pounds, too heavy for bubble wrap). This is the minimum requirement for insurance from the carrier (and you have to meet the carrier's packaging guidelines to qualify for third party insurance) -- that it's impossible for the item to move and that there's at least a two-inch "crush zone" (so the parcel can be dented or punctured up to two inches deep without damaging the contents).
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newspaper will also not provide any padding for something this heavy.
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Not sure if this is exactly what you want, but Pelican Cases are the container of choice for many photographers who have to ship their (breakable and expensive!) cameras and lighting gear. I'm confident you could find one that would work with your vinyl. Start here:
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DJs who travel often use "flight cases" (you can google 'dj flight case record' etc.) and you should be able find 2 to hold about 100 records. That will be the safest way to ship them.
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Another thought is to get it packed up at a shipping store, so that someone else is liable to you if it's improperly packed.
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