Looking for an Aeron-quality chair that doesn't move
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Where can I get a good, Aeron-quality task chair, either with no wheels or with locking casters? {MI}

I know this is basically ChairFilter: The Reckoning at this point, but I am really and truly stumped. I've checked the archives, Googled, etc. Anyhow:

I just moved into a great, old apartment with floors that slope slightly from one wall to the other. As a result, my much-beloved Aeron chair, my only relic from the dot-com boom, rolls inexorably away from my desk and crashes into the opposite wall. Even if I put a rug down, the chair rolls as soon as it's moved from a resting position. This is good, I suppose, in a kind of exercise-at-your-desk way, but is mostly just annoying.

What I really need is a very comfortable, preferably adjustable chair, preferably with the same design value as the Aeron, that either has no wheels or has wheels that lock. Does anybody make or have a chair like this? Or am I better off just buying a cool-looking regular chair, and dealing with it that way? Is it possible to buy locking casters and install them on my chair?
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Okay, thread-deletion time: Herman Miller will actually come to my home and install locking casters for me. Never mind!
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Pull the freewheeling casters out of your Aeron. They should come right out with a little force. Don't worry, they're designed to be replacable. Go down to the hardware store and get some locking casters that have a similar shaft size to those from your Aeron, then then put them where the old ones were. Casters are pretty much standard. The new ones might come with a metal sleeve over the shaft that are for if you're making or repairing wooden furniture; simply pull them off.
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Sounds like the Herman Miller housecall is the way to go, especially if it's free. You also get the peace of mind of having Genuine Factory-Authorized Herman Miller casters!

Don't ask to delete the thread - the answer is more valuable than the question, and you answered your own question.
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