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I'm looking for free lectures in mp3 format. Science, history, philosophy, etc. Lectures from college courses might be nice or something along the lines of the Long Now Seminars.
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Bargh. It seems the BBC have taken down their Reith Lectures mp3s (there is some Real Audio, though). How about some neuroscience instead?
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Or The Olympics: From Ancient Greece to Athens 2004 (lower-most on the right).
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Or if creationism is your bag... (I'm quite tempted by 'The Turtle God's Handiwork', 'The Serpent on a Pole' and 'Environment or Genetics', myself).
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Many here, but I'm not sure of the format as a log-in is required.
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Studies in Narrative: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Physics 131A Autumn 2000

Physics with Large Extra Dimensions (lecture 2)
(D/L seems to be restricted but streaming seems Ok)
More at the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, just poke around.

Here's another MIT neuroscience course

I would also like to listen to more things like you describe (I already have the CDs of various Feynman and Hawking lectures and etc.) and it seems like searching turns up many more than I would have thought, although I have no idea of the quality. Unfortunately there is an awful lot of religious and self-help crap out there, I wonder if anyone has ever thought of making a meta-site or listing for this kind of thing.
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Its not lectures, but you might enjoy NPR's "Science Friday" downloads.
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Though those do not appear to be available in MP3. Too bad.
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IT Conversations: law, policy, technology, security. . . usually interviews or roundtable conversations, not strictly lectures.
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I also found a page on Barbelith that asks the same question and
has a few other sites, as well as some of the ones we have found.
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