Please help me sync iCal to my Palm before my Palm sinks to the bottom of Puget Sound
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Please help me sync my Palm Z22 with Mac's iCal and Address Book before I chuck it out the window.

I have Googled articles and AskMe all day, followed all instructions to a T, and am still not finding success. Please help?

I have changed the conduit settings in HotSync to enable iSync, as instructed. I have set iSync to sync "iCal" and "Address Book". I have reinstalled the Palm software 5 times and factory reset my Palm 5 times.

I have synced over and over and over, and while both the Palm and iSync/Hotsync act like they're doing something (Palm says "syncing to do list, syncing contacts", spinning icons, progress bars, etc), my Palm remains empty of any information.

The weird thing is that I HAD a Palm Z22 before that DID WORK with iCall/Address Book, but it just died, and now I wonder how I ever got it to work in the first place!

I've read about an app for sale - Missing Sync - that could help, is that my only option?

Many thanks. (Comparable AskMes were at least 2 years old so I thought something may have changed since then)
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Best answer: I use Missing Sync -- it works very well (Palm + Mac), FWIW.
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Best answer: I've gotten HotSync to work on my Z22, although it just sort of half-asses everything in iCal and Address Book (which is why I bought the thing). For example, in iCal it'll sync the tasks themselves, but not the calendars - which is important for me because I use iCal for GTD.

FWIW, The Missing Sync synchronizes perfectly, but it isn't free. I'll be waiting to see if anybody comes up with some magical way to bypass spending money. :)
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Response by poster: See, my other Z22 (just last week!) synched just fine, all calendars and contacts....ARGH. Why is this such a pain in the ass at this point in the history of PDAs?!?!
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What versions of iSync and Mac OS X do you have?
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Is this something you've seen already?

Mutually exclusive conduits Note that more than one conduit cannot be used to synchronize the same data (e.g. the iSync conduit cannot be used to synchronize appointment/schedule information if the Datebook Conduit is also attempting to synchronize the same data. Therefore, you should inspect the Library/Palm HotSync folder and move any of these items (if they were not automatically moved when you clicked the "Enable Palm OS Syncing") to the disabled folder if you plan to use iSync to pull data from iCal and Address Book:

* ToDo Conduit
* Address Conduit
* Tasks Conduit
* Calendar Conduit
* Datebook Conduit
* Contacts Conduit

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Response by poster: Actually, I got so annoyed I bought Missing Sync - which is AWESOME and works perfectly and added apps that make my crappy Z22 worth having - so I'm calling this beeyatch RESOLVED
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