I just wanna par-tay!
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What do bachelorettes who hate techno music dance party clubs do for bachelorette events?

My bestie-for-life Maid of Honor and I are both getting married in October, and so we're planning a joing bachelorette party.

However, I don't think anyone really wants to do your traditional drunken club evening. Well, we're not opposed to the drunken part, but if I have to spend time in another overcrowded, college-aged, meat market club, I'll just die.

So, I need your help. I need some killer ideas for non-traditional stagette parties. I read a few other threads and stumbled on the 80s bridesmaid theme, but what else would be fun to do or play?

FYI: We're having it in Grand Rapids, MI (boring mini-metro city in SW Michigan.)
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Get a cabin on a lake and sit around drinking by the bonfire and roasting phallic things on sticks?
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Oh, and PS: I've only ever been to one bachelorette party ever!
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- Go to a spa and get pedicures while sipping champagne
- Rent a fancy hotel suite and have your party there, male strippers optional
- Do something like a sauna or Turkish bath, where you can get relaxed, or silly with the nudity, etc
- Do something adventurous the bride has always wanted to do, like skydiving, target shooting, car racing, etc
- Paintball (with everyone wearing veils over their masks), followed by drinking
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When my friend was getting married, we had a slumber party and put crazy makeup on each other and rented a karaoke machine and ate lots of candy. (These were non-drinking people.)
It was actually super fun and one of the best bachelorette parties I've been to.
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Well, I've been to plenty of bachelorette parties and none of them have involved "traditional" evenings at a club. Yuck.

There's loads of things you can do...

Start in a hotel room or low-key bar for drinks. Rent a limo for a couple of hours riding around drinking champagne. Stop off for dinner at a nice restaurant. Off to an arcade for pinball and beer. End the night with Irish coffees in a quiet place somewhere.

The spa/pedicure thing. (don't get manicures - will interfere with your drinking).

Start in the daytime - go carts and fun things? (don't know what's in Grand Rapids)

Crafty stuff? Don't know what your friends are like but bead/ceramic/painting-y stuff?

Tastings! Wine tasting, cheese tasting, olive oil, whatever. Hand-made chocolate tasting? Arrange a private session.

Scavenger hunt.

Salsa lesson/cooking lesson/belly dancing lesson/pole dancing lesson. Either at someone's house or in hotel room or in school
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Monster truck rally!
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I've participated in many non-trad bachelorette parties and had a blast (the one trad one was probably least fun)

my group of girlfriends would always go out to dinner together, then go to a tiki bar we like for wacky drinks, then to the house of one with a hottub for soakies, champagne and gifts. we always pooled money to buy a fancy nighty for the honeymoon :)

if there are any spas in your area you could go there first, then dinner, then instead of bar/club scene, go to a posh hotel and drink at the bar there. probably best to do the limo too!
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My wife's bachelorette party was held at a science museum where normally they have birthday parties and science demonstrations for 'tweens. They were happy to chang a banner to 'happy wedding' and do the demos for a group of 30-somethings, though, and the group got to play with liquid nitrogen. It sounded pretty cool to me. And I had fun confirming for the party director that the guest of honor was indeed closer to 33, not 13.
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I didn't really have a bachelorette party, but the night before my wedding, myself, my bridesmaids and a couple male friends who were also staying at the hotel all got together in the hotel bar and had drinks and people-watched.

And by people-watched, I mean watched and chatted with the attendees of the sci-fi convention as they milled about the place. I can stretch truth a tad and say that Chewbacca was at my bachelorette party (and apparently The Doctor from Voyager and Quark were also on the premises).

So my suggestion is finding a non-traditional people-watching spot :)
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Dinner at a swanky restaurant and a comedy show.
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When I was walking around in Belgium at night, I came upon a giddy group of girls on a dark lawn down a side street. When I asked them what they were doing, they said the guest of honor was getting married, and the tradition was for them to burn their underwear behind city hall.
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I once went to an improv comedy event and there were no less than three bachelorette parties in attendance.
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have your OWN dance party!!! at whichever of your friend's house has the biggest potential dancefloor, make a bunch of great fun dancing playlists of music you love to dance to (get everyone to bring a playlist or mix cd or whatever, maybe you have a friend who's a dj and you can request what type of music you want)

get a bunch of booze and make your own COCKTAILS

and get drunk and dance like crazy.

i swear that house dance parties are best ever. that's if you love dancing (to your own choice of music) and you're not male-stripper-lovin kinda gals.
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The most recent bachelorette party I went to started out at a burlesque dance class getting a private group lesson. Then he headed out to a big dinner - we went for just nice Thai - and then went to an '80s themed "prom" at a local small dance club.

I've run into bachelorette parties at Broadway-style shows, the drag waitress restaurant, Buca di Bepo, bowling alleys and - my favorite - the roller rink.
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I was Maid of Honor for my sister's wedding. For the bachelorette party, several of the bridesmaids and I spent the day at a fancy spa, and finished off the evening with an old-fashioned slumber party (complete with cheesy romantic comedies). We had a great time, and my sister wants to go back to the spa later this year.

If you find something to do that suits your personalities and is a little bit out of the ordinary, you are certain to have a fun and memorable party.

Congratulations to both of you, and good luck!
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Head to this place. I feel like every time I got a piano bar there is at least one bachelorette party there. My buddy had his bachelor party at one and it was great. Have fun.
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