Help me find a very simple maple or oak bar stool.
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Shopping filter: Seeking a very simple maple or oak bar stool, about 30" high, with a square or rectangular top. Preferably solid wood, but good quality composite material is ok. Must have flat top... we plan to use it as a bedside table. This stool at is the perfect shape and size, but the wrong color. I need a warm-toned maple, oak, ash. I've already looked at many retail sites... ikea, overstock, pottery bran, west elm. Any suggestions? We would prefer to order within the U.S. to save on shipping.
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Go to Home Depot and buy some wood stain? A couple of coats of your preferred color should do it. Maybe sand it first.
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This one looks like the top may be a little curved...a piece of glass may make it level. There's quite a few sites specializing in just bar stools.

This one is a tad dark. It may actually be the same as the Target one.
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lungtaworld: You can't make wood "lighter" with stain. You can use an opaque stain (a lot like paint) but you can't create anything that will look like walnut or oak.

Good luck on the search!
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How about this one at the bottom of the page?
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You could get an unfinished one, like this and then finish it to your specs. Finishing furniture is not hard at all, and you'd get a lovely solid wood piece in your exact color.
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I've always liked for stuff like this. I've been able to find some odd, quirky, and unique seating apparatuses there.
Good luck!
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There's one at Williams-Sonoma, but the top is a little small. You might want to cruise a Pier 1 if there's one near you.
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Best answer: Thanks to all for the suggestions. Buying an unfinished piece is a great idea, except that we are too lazy and needed something right away.

I went to the Ikea store, and purchased this bar stool. I was not attracted to this stool's photo on the web site, but I liked the look of the floor model.

The one disadvantage of using this stool as a nightstand is that there's a 2" gap between the edge of the seat and the wall -- because the stool is wider at the bottom. Otherwise, it looks nice, made of birch wood, and cost about $38 including sales tax.
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