When a moat and archers won't cut it... Home security systems?
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Looking for (a) information on building out a cutting-edge home security system to augment my monitored system or (b) reputable home security consultants in the Atlanta area who can do the grunt work.

I have decided to add some security systems to my home beyond the usual motion sensors. After speaking with my alarm company, their only products (other than the usual motion sensors and glass alarms) are higher-end commercial products targeted at businesses. These systems are outrageously expensive given that I can pick up a serviceable day/night camera at Fry's for $50.

I'm looking for something fairly easy to place. I'd prefer solar-powered cameras, but I'm not set on that. I'd like any monitoring devices to plug into my existing wireless network, and I'd like them to talk to my mac(s). I can set up a backup solution to move any files generated offsite, but any suggestions regarding software that can, for example, send me a text message or email when "something" happens. Ideally I'd like this to involve as little infrastructure as possible (i.e., mostly self-contained end units, but I don't know if such a thing exists).

I'd describe myself as technically very proficient with both hardware and software. I don't know a thing about home security though (reputable equipment makers, etc.) and I haven't done much to my house other than changing toilet flappers and putting up plant hooks.

Anyway, I don't mind paying someone to do this for me. That might even be preferable. So if anyone has any suggestions in Atlanta, that would be great (whether system consultants or monitoring companies that do this sort of thing at sane prices). Otherwise, I'd love to hear about any experiences building a modern, integrated home security system (specific models of equipment, etc.).

I saw some of the previous AskMe questions from 2007, but the answers focused more on the software side than the hardware. Anyway, thanks in advance.
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