French Revolution History
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I've just reduced my book queue to a puny six or seven, I'm looking to pile a little something on, and a bookstore just opened within walking distance. I'm in the mood for a good history of the French Revolution. Any recommendations?
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Years ago I read Simon Schama's book Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution and recall it as being quite good, if long.
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I've seen Mark Steel's Vive La Revolution recommended around the place, and after a trip to Paris I'm thinking of having a look at it myself. He's a comedian, so it's 'comic history', but if you like that sort of thing it could be worth checking out. He's done some of it as half-hour shows on Radio 4 and they were pretty good—so much so that the Open University commissioned him to present some TV shows.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips, briank and rory! Hopefully I'll find one of those two books.
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