Where to dump mom?
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Where can I dump my mom for a couple of hours in the Chicago Loop

Long story short, my mom's visiting from out of town, my power is still out, and I'm somewhat stuck at work. Given that she likes museums, libraries, etc, where can I dump her for a couple of hours until I can get off.

Difficulty level: She just got on the blue line leaving O'Hare
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The Art Institute is always a good bet.
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Art Institute + Russian Tea Room (just down the street) = teh win.
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Further north there's the MCA; she can in the process walk past the Tribune building, which has chunks of various other famous buildings embedded in it -- that always seems to amuse out-of-towners.

...um, I took some liberties with the whole "loop" idea, obviously.
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Chicago public library is an architectural novelty and full of interesting exhibits (and people...which may be reason enough to nix this idea). Blue line stops at Jackson and its two block walk from there.
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The Cultural Center?. Free, usually has a noontime performance happening, several exhibits are opening and the restoration of the world's largest Tiffany dome is complete. Exit the O'Hare train at Washington, walk North 1 block to Randolph and east two (?) blocks to the Cultural Center.
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It's a gorgeous day. Chicago Architecture Foundation walking tour.
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The Art Institute is wonderful as others suggests. Also, Michigan Ave. has tons of shopping and people watching potential.
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Cultural Center

There is a good seedy bar at Michigan and Lake, reminds me of the corner bars in Wisconsin.
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The Cultural Center is a great place. It's usually quite during the day, and in the afternoons they often have concerts (or rehearsals for concerts which is often just as good). They usually have one or two interesting exhibits and the building architecture itself is beautiful. Plus, it's free! (unlike the Art Institute -- which has a "suggested donation," although it would be my second choice).
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There is a good seedy bar at Michigan and Lake

That would be Old Timers, one of the trifecta of dive bars in that area (the others being Rossi's and the original Billy Goat.) I practically lived there during the summer of '06 when I worked across the street.

Unfortunately there has been some turn over in the staff there, and the vibe has changed somewhat. Haven't been in there in about a year tho.

I wouldn't send my mom there.
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The library has a really nice atrium on the top level too which is a great place to read or hunker down with a newspaper or something else. I'd find it very easy to kill a few hours there without even trying.
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and of course, weather permitting, Millenium Park near the Art Institute and the library.
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