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Voice overs: any suggestions/advice on demo making?

I've been taking classes for a few months, and every single one has been very encouraging. I think I've got the stuff, and I need to get a demo out there.

My problem is I don't know how to put it together. My teachers have given me the basics, but I get the impression it's all up to me to pick the pieces I want on it, they'll just record it.

Any help? Do I go in to the recording session with just one or two sentences of each (like the demos I've heard), or entire scripts that will then be edited down? How many do I do? What else don't I know?
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If you are paying for studio time I think it best to edit and focus before you go to record. It will take time to record all of the material and the extra time spent editing out stuff you are never gonna use is wasted.

In any "presentation", I would say you will always be best served with the thought process of "edit and focus". I have worked in and around radio for 18 years and this has always been a battlecry.

You don't want your demo to be to long. Something nice and tight.. never let up.. like jazz it must burn from the first bar.

Make sure you are rested and prepared. Water is good to have during a session.. but avoid Ice water.. not good for the vocal cords.

Good Luck.
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I'm no expert here...but I have had to use voiceover CDs before to hire someone, and I wanted to hear EXACTLY the right voice - I didn't want to have to use my imagination. So my advice is do as many different styles as you have time for....
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