Is there a dentist in the house? or Anyone tongue-tied?
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I'm thinking of having a lingual frenectomy (clipping the frenum that attaches the tongue to the mouth). My frenum is very short and restricts my tongue movement quite a bit. I can move it side to side but can't move it up and down very well and can't stick my tongue out straight (just down about 1/4 inch past my lower lip. This makes me very self conscious when it comes to kissing and other romantic activities (I date women). Have any of you mefites had this procedure done as an adult? Was your speech affected in any way? What's the healing time like? Was it worth it?
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I am actually on AIM right now, as we type, with a buddy who had one in the last year or so. He says "Hellz yes" to the entire idea and assures you that his healed up acceptably in a couple of days, and the entire time from procedure to total healing was 10-14 days. He had a very slight, temporary lisp, which is gone now.

He also notes that he had a laser frenectomy, which helps such things as healing time immensely, and he recommends it...

...and assures you that it's a lot easier to perform cunnilingus, yes, since he figures that's what you're really asking.
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I had this done as a kid, but I still remember it. It wasn't bad at all. I got ice cream, so that was cool.
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I had a girlfriend who had it done in HS. I was kissing her the next day, she was fine.
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I got it done last year. It was worth it. My speech was not affected. But there was no way I'd be kissing anyone the next day. For one, you'll have a dressing under your tongue. For two, it hurts. I didn't have a laser frenectomy though, so maybe that's different. Another thing to consider - while my tongue has greater movement (I can touch it to the roof of my mouth now), it doesn't make the tongue longer. It doesn't hurt to stick my tongue out now, but I can't stick my tongue out much more than I could before.
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I, too, had it done as a kid. Definitely helped me in being able to speak correctly.
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A friend recently had this done as an adult. His wife paid for it. They're both very happy with the result.
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My daughter had it done at 2 days old. The doc snipped it with a scissors and it didn't even bleed! Nursing went much better after that, so I guess it was working properly right away.
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