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Can anyone identify the mystery ingredient?

I decided on Korean food tonight, ordering the seafood stir fry somethingorother. This is a shot of the leftovers. The item in question is the brown strips. On examination in the restaurant, my dining companion and I were both of the opinion that it was animal tissue of some sort. I was hoping it was a gourd strip. It was not. It appeared to have a body cavity of some sort. Marine worm? Random body part? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!
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That's gosari or fiddlehead fern.
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I dunno, kind of looks like strips of portobello mushroom to me.
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It definitely was not portobello, and if it is gosari, would it have leaves or something that would identify it as a plant? It is a squishy, brown tube. No appendages or anything.
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Looks like marine food to me.
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In Korean cooking gosari is typically used in dried form. When rehydrated it looks like squishy brown tubes. Here's is what cooked gosari looks like.
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I am still suspicious and think that they put marine worms in there (it WAS the seafood option), but I will take your word for it. Thanks, needled.
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Needled is right. That's called zenmai or warabi (can't tell which from your pic) in Japanese. Very common.
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Lilly buds?
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Lilly Bud Photo

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I've had lots of that. That is rehydrated fern. Common in bulgoki, sulgoki fries, and cold soups.
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Rest assured, of all the somewhat questionable things both my Korean grandmother and mother have thrown in a pot, I have NEVER been fed worms. Marine or land-dwelling.

Fish-head soup, yes. Gosari, sure (it smells SO bad when being cooked...SO BAD). Dried squid for snacking (the suckers on the tentacles are so deliciously crispy!) - grand.

Be safe in the knowledge you were not fed worms. :)
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[Late-breaking snark-and-response removed. Save the dripping sarcasm for elsewhere, please.]
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