Mixed Male-Bonding
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So I'm a gay male, have a good friend who's a straight male visiting from out of town. We're looking for some activities in San Francisco that might fall into the category of bachelor-party male-bonding sort of thing... Any ideas? Things guys might do in Las Vegas for $1000 please, Alex! Are there strip clubs that feature both men and women?
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Three cheers for burlesque! I can't think of any reason two guys can't go out and have a couple of beers and have a good time anywhere though, to be frank.
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Are there strip clubs that feature both men and women?

Forgive me if this is unwanted advice, but as a straight guy, the allure of a strip club goes right out the window if there's a naked dude on stage. But maybe your friend is much more open minded than me.
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What Would Ferris Bueller Do?
For a grand, you could rent yourself a very decent sports car and flog it around for a day or two.
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If you two can meet halfway, the gorgeous 'gender illustionists' of AsiaSF might be perfect. It's a very mixed crowd--gay, straight, men, women, and it's a popular spot for birthday or bachelor/ette parties. It's not raunchy, more like old-fashion burlesque with a twist. A fun night. The food and drinks are tasty, too.
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Seconding tula's suggestion. I went there once on the company's nickel with a gay friend/coworker to celebrate completion of a big project (I would have loved to see the expressions over in Accounting when Kevin submitted the receipt) and it was fun. The food was surprisingly good, too.

Depending where your friend is from, this could be a really exotic OMG-only-in-San-Francisco experience, but I think almost anybody would enjoy the show. The atmosphere was pretty friendly; the performers took turns as servers and were equally pleasant with Kevin's mild flirting and my more reserved demeanor. The audience was a nice demographic mix and enthusiastic without being jerky. So basically, everything tula said.
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Thirding AsiaSF. It's what I thought of just reading the blurb. You could also do Beach Blanket Babylon on one end of the spectrum and uh, Power Exchange on the other.
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Hey thanks a lot everyone, AsiaSF is a great idea... Had thought about Power Exchange too, not sure how adventurous we are...
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