AdInterax, anyone?
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Anyone have experience with AdInterax?

A very enthusiastic sales guy where I work wants us to start using these types of ads on our websites (media sites, I manage them).

I'm not crazy at all about expandable ads, but don't want to stand in their way of making money & can work with him to make sure they don't get in the way of content.

Anyone have any experience working with this company and their ads? Any spyware/malware/weirdness that I need to know about? Will my developers want to kill me? Do I need to put the kabash on this?
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Best answer: I have some experience from an advertiser perspective -- I've done some corner peels with them. There's no malware weirdness or anything -- it is just plain old Flash, and the company is legit. I do find it to be a very irritating ad format though, and from a creative perspective, very difficult to come up with anything interesting within the very strict technical requirements. In the end, I found it most effective to just put a static ad behind the peel, because nobody mouses over it long enough to watch any animation you might tuck in there.
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