Want iPhone WiFi Capability Despite Verizon Customer
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Can I get a cell phone from Verizon (or which will work with Verizon) that is Wi-Fi Internet and email access capable without signing up for Verizon's own internet/email access plan? If so, can I do it for less than a bazillion dollars?

I was really impressed recently when a friend with an iPhone visited and was able to access the web and his email accounts here by logging on to my Wi-Fi network instead of having to use AT&T's service, to which he does subscribe.

I have no iPhone lust, but would really like to be able to log into Wi-Fi networks and access the web and email without signing up for Verizon's plan.

...preferably with a device which gives me a halfway decent web experience, like the iPhone.
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Have you considered phoning Verizon?
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iPod Touch?
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seconding joshwebb's suggestion. it sounds like you are describing the iPod Touch.
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If you look at the Verizon site, you can see which phones have Wi-fi, as well as the prices. Most Windows Mobile phones have wifi.

FWIW, The iPod touch isn't a cell phone.
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ipod Touch sounds great, but I'd like the capability to have my normal Verizon regular cell phone coverage as a phone too.

When I walked into a brick and mortar Verizon center I was told I couldn't get an Internet capable phone without signing up for their data plan.

...which I do not want to do.
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Motorola Q9m with a Wi-Fi SD card put in it?

Google Link for said SDIO card.

I've got two friends using one this way, and it works well.
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i am aware the iPod Touch is not a phone. the OP indicated that "[i] would really like to be able to log into Wi-Fi networks and access the web and email without signing up for Verizon's plan" which he could do with the touch.
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i should have previewed.
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Most of the PocketPC phones which Verizon offers have WiFi built-in. You could have a voice-only plan and still have the ability to use data over WiFi networks. (A phone setting or registry change would insure that you don't inadvertently use Verizon's data service).

Opera for Windows Mobile offers a very good browsing experience. Pocket Outlook does OK for email. There are lots of other Windows Mobile apps for web/email as well.

I would suggest you look into the XV-6800 (Includes WiFi and GPS). For your requirements, stay away from the XV-6900, as it does not have a WiFi radio integrated.
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You shouldn't be required to sign up for a data plan, and can have a voice only plan. Their sales people were probably trying to mislead you.

@phil: First sentence: "Can I get a cell phone..."
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I think there are some Nokia phones that do WiFi. I believe there are cell phones - not sure if they are Nokia - that will even do voice calls over WiFi, autodetecting when you're connected and using WiFi rather than the cell network.

I'd try searching for these phones, esp. the Nokias, and then see if any are available from Verizon.
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Not sure if this is chat filter, but verizon requires you to sign up for a data plan if you get a PDA/Blackberry/Smartphone. I talked to someone on the phone as well as if I ordered online. I want to order online since I can get a smart phone for free

Here's a link with some information on a msg board
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Ok, with some more research:

Verizon has two phones with Wi-FI capability, the XV-6800 ($350 with new plan) and the Samsung SCH-i760 (another $300).

You have to sign up for "A" data plan, but you can do one that's pay as you go, that is $1.99/kb (thats right, kb!!!!!!).

What you'll need to do is block data (there are websites out there that will show you how) just so for some reason you get disconnected from Wi-Fi, you'll not get switched over to Verizon's service and pay a ridiculous amount.
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I'd say iPod touch as well and just keep your phone to be a phone. Getting a data plan through VZW could be 25-40 more each month on your bill, which comes out to $300-480 a year. As much as it is to buy a Touch. You could look for a refurbed Touch on Apple's site.
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