Need an experienced artist for Egypt tattoos
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I am looking for a good tattoo artist/shop in the Denver area. Specifically one that has experience or interest in egyptian art and tattoos. I am looking to have some tomb art done, and want it done in a realistic manner. Any help from the hive mind would be greatly appreciated.
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I have spent time in Egyptian tombs and have to say that tomb art is not realistic at all (it's flat and graphic) Or do you want it to look like it's peeling/fading? Or maybe you want a drawing of the actual tomb, not the art on the walls? Tombs are pretty unremarkable on the inside and even less remarkable on the outside. Are you thinking of temples (ie the statues at Abu Simbel)? I would research this on your own and find images you really like before bringing the idea to a tattooist.

So, although I can not suggest an actual tattoo artist I would look into what illustration style you like and what actual Egyptian tomb image you like and bring that to a tattooist who has a portfolio that looks like it is compatible with the illustration style you want.
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I mistyped. When I said realistic, I meant in the flat and graphic style. I have the images I want, what I really need are some artists who have done stuff similar (without having to call every tattoo shop in town). LOL
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