How can I set up a simple donation system for a grieving family?
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How can I set up a simple, intuitive and free online donations account via PayPal or another service?

A little girl was murdered in Washington, D.C. last week. Her father has been arrested and charged with the crime.

Her older brother is a good friend of mine, and I want to do all that I can to help the family right now. The parents in the family don't speak English, and between the father in jail and the mother taking considerable time off of her hourly-wage job to grieve, etc., the bills are piling up.

I'm trying to set up a one-click (or extremely intuitive) account to collect donations for the family right now. After I set that up, I'll be passing it around online to see what I can do.

My problem: I have never done this before, and have no idea how to start. I looked around Paypal, all over the place on that site, and couldn't figure out how to do it. So: I'm asking you guys. Any advice? Tips? Other services to use?

This needs to be SUPER simple, for less web-savvy folks, and to appeal to the impulse-buy/donate nature of online readers. And I have no idea where to start.

Thanks, guys ...
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Not sure how to set this up in your area, but in my old hometown, when a family was in need of donations (from a sickness in the family, or whatever), they would often work with a local bank to set up an account specifically for people to make donations to. This way people could write checks and mail them in or just drop them by the bank. This might be an easier way for less computer-savvy people to donate to this family.
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You may want to try Dropcash, which utilizes a PayPal account, but offers a simple frontend and widgets.
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Best answer: Set up a or wordpress blog (a good use would be as a memorial site for photos and peoples' comments/rememberances) and throw one of these Paypal widgets into it.
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You could also try Crowdfunder
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