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What desktop pager would you recommend for windows xp?

I just realized I use a multiple desktop pager in linux at work, but a windows one would come in handy as well.

I looked around and found this one at sourceforge, but it was sort of lame.

I also tried the windows power toys one, but again had a few complaints about it.

Does anybody have one they like? Preferably, it would sit in the taskbar and give some clue as to the contents of each of the desktops.
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I guess you are referring to a virtual desktop program? If so I use VirtuaWin, an open source desktop manager. Works well without any bugs. I have also tried DeskSpace which has a cool 3d effect but it requires a little more processing power (and isn't free).
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Response by poster: Yes, a virtual desktop program is another way of putting it.

I just tried VirtualWin, and it's okay, but still not as good as the default one in Linux. Any other suggestions?
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As far as I know, virtuawin is as good as it gets. You can tweak it pretty heavily, but since Windows wasn't designed with multiple desktops in mind, it's never perfect. For me, it was good enough to make using Windows tolerable, however.
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I've tried a bunch, and always come back to VirtuaWin. Second place was Dexpot but it lost windows occasionally and just generally had too many features for me. One hint: Turn off "When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately" in Firefox, or else it'll always be jumping to the workspace you're in.
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