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Question for Bank of America checking account holders re: electronic bill paying.

I need to make a monthly direct deposit to my mortgagee's non-BoA bank account. The mortgagee is not set up to receive automatic transfers through BoA's online bill pay system. How do I accomplish this without making a wire transfer (which involves walking into a branch each month and paying $20 for the privilege)?

The only solution I can come up with is to have BoA cut a check directly to the mortgagee's bank, and specify in the memo field the routing number and account number. I suspect, however, that this is not terribly secure or dependable. Any thoughts?
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You should be talking to BoA about this, not to us.
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Can you talk to your payroll department about initiating the direct deposit? I have my check DDed to Bank of America, but they also wire my car payment directly from my employer to a credit union.
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+ 1 to talking to BoA.

But I have used BoA's payment system to pay businesses and people who do not accept electronic transfers. It's worked fine for me.
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You can set up BoA bill pay to send checks to the mortgagee rather than the bank. Leave it to the mortgagee to deposit the checks. This is how I pay my rent, for instance.
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I've used Bank of America's electronic bill pay system for years, including setting up new payees without any trouble. Checks have been sent reliably and without (as far as I know) shenanigans.
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BofA bill pay is a reliable method of sending checks. +1 to just having mortgagee deposit them, rather than bank-to-bank.

You can even schedule it recurring, I believe.
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As with peacecorn, I've used their bill paying services for years for both electronic transfers and checks. Haven't had any problems, ever.
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Another years-long recurring payment user here. I also recommend letting the mortgagee deposit it. Just be sure you have the right address to send it to and account number on it.
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Response by poster: guys.. I love you all, but please read the question. I need to make a direct deposit. I can't send checks or have BoA send checks.
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I need to make a direct deposit.

Why? Just out of curiosity.

This is something you need to call BoA about, in any case.
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I paid my landlord using an "automatic payment" from my BofA account to his Credit Union savings account on a monthly basis. It was free, and wasn't technically a wire transfer.

Just go to a BofA branch and ask them to setup an automatic payment for you. You'll need his account number, routing number, name of the bank and whether the account is savings or checking. I think that's it.

Don't worry -- they can do this and it's free.
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To be clear: the automatic payment will directly deposit the funds for you.
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So BofA sends a paper check on the payment date, then the recipient deposits the check later?
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BOA also has a transfer funds to an outside account option in the online banking. I believe it's a $3 fee and you can't schedule them, but you can do it online and it doesn't involve going into the actual bank.
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