Suitcase when closed -- Tabletop technology demo when open
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Where to order/buy/commission a cool "suitcase" that houses a full demo with a touchscreen and speakers? Suitcase when closed -- Tabletop technology demo when open.

I'm looking for a company that builds custom electronics into a hardshell case.

We provide the reference platform, screen, speakers, database and CD-Rom drive, they put it all into a neato suitcase that can plug in and give a demo to wowed potential customers. You often see these at automotive telematics conferences.

Something that looks like this:

Anybody know what they are called? What Would You Google?
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Pelican does custom work. But you'd probably have to do the wiring yourself.
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Like Gungho said, Peilcan does custom work. You can look into Zero cases too. when you chose the case you need to specify that it have bracket mounts and or an instrument panel. If you then contact them, they will give you a CAD drawing of the hole layout. Then you can go to a panel shop like: Front Panel Express and then lay it out with the hole pattern from Zero, add your cutouts for your stuff (front panel express has a FREE CAD program you can use IF you use them to make your panel(s) I have made a bunch of these for former companys. Its pretty easy once you get all the cutout information.

Best of luck!
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Ohh, I forgot: We usually call them: Instrument cases. Here are a bunch of companys that make them.
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You could also post in the case-mod community forums. There are always people there whose dream is to be paid to make more case-mods.

I'd recommend the pelican cases - all of their suitcase-style cases (and most of the smaller ones too) have an optional panel-mount accessory that can be ordered for a few dollars extra, which would make this project very easy to get looking very cool.
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WARNING: TSA will think this is a bomb and hassle you endlessly.
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