Help me find a quote!
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Please help me find a photography related quote!

I heard a quote by someone and it was words to the effect of "Shooting with a digital camera before using film is like riding a Motorcycle having never ridden a bicycle"...

The thing is, I can't remember who said it nor where I read it or what it said exactly... Does it sound familiar?
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I have an answer to your quote, not to your question.

Shooting with a digital camera before using film is more like:
....driving a car without first having ridden a horse and buggy.
...writing with a pen and paper without first using a clay tablet.
...listening to an ipod before using a gramophone.

Good luck!
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I strongly suggest picking up a used copy of Susan Sontag's 'On Photography' It is a great read whether your a photographer or just appreciate good photography!
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