Recommendations for shopping carts that don't use money?
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Is there a shopping cart-like web application (hosted or not) that could work if I don't want to have prices or sell anything? Square peg - meet round hole.

I recently met with a web client (a wholesale distributor for multiple vendors / product lines) that wants to upgrade their current brochure-ware site to one that is more focused on the products they offer. I've setup a few smaller shopping cart sites, but they're asking for something a little different, so I thought I'd query the hivemind.

They'd like to display products (grouped by vendor or type) with multiple variables (size and color) in a standard manner. They don't want to put pricing anywhere on the site.

Whenever customers are finished adding products to a shopping cart and are ready to checkout, they'd like the entire order (shopping cart, contact information, *no billing information or cc numbers*) to be submitted to them via email. This way, they could contact the person individually to arrange an account.

Any ideas?

I've used Shopify before and loved it, but their pricing model is based on a percentage of sales. I used Digishop on a similar model (no actual credit card processing), but was never really impressed with the options or customization. I've used osCommerce and have hated every second of it.
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Check out PrestaShop. It's a clean, full-featured, open-source shopping cart program and you should be able to modify it to do what you need pretty easily.
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Response by poster: In case anyone else is following this one, I'm having good luck right now with a Shopify store. I'm setting all pricing to $0.00 and free shipping. Then I'm editing templates to remove all price references.
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