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Is there a Metafilter about sex?

I'm looking for an online forum where people discuss sex intelligently. All I can find are sites that are filled with juvenile comments and hookup sites. I know that there are specialized sites for people with various fetishes, but I'm looking for something more general. An open-minded community where people can discuss their experiences, fears, turn-ons, kinks, etc. It's fine if there are sub-sections for hookups and "I'd hit that"s, as long as there are more grown up sections, too.

I'm asking about this, because I was brought up not to discuss sex. It's always felt very freeing to me to be able to completely open up, but I don't have many real-life friends that would be into that. And it's freeing for me to hear from other people, even if their sexual orientation is totally different from mine. The web seems perfect for this sort of discussion, but I'm can't seem to find an intelligent site.
posted by anonymous to Computers & Internet (3 answers total) 17 users marked this as a favorite is not just about bondage - it covers a very wide variety of kinks. General sex questions/topics are fine too but be aware they'll be answered from a kink perspective. You have to register, but it's free (it costs $ to email people through the site). Except for the "Hanging Out" section, which is just random chatter, the forums are well-moderated and definitely more intelligent than the average site.
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Fleshbot. I'd link you, but I'm at work. It's a Gawker sight, so beware the snark, but it could be interesting.
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