Help me find this incredible hat!
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Help me find this hilarious hat, as seen on Danish TV!

While watching an episode of the amazing Danish comedy series "Drengene fra Angora" with my father, we came across an amazing character equipped with an hilarious hat (can be seen around the 50 second mark). After google searching for 'novelty hats', 'clapping hands hat', 'flappy cap' and variations the closest I can come to is this embarrassing imitation. I want to find this hat online so I can give it as a gag gift for my father.

Please help me!
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The clapping hat? They have a similar one here
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For the record I googled "clapping hat".

These things seem to pop up regularly at sports events here in Norway, and I'm sure you can find other places that sell the exact model as shown in the clip.
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bah, disregard first link, I see it's almost identical to the one you linked to.
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Response by poster: Thanks, esilenna. My Danish friend also said that the hats were pretty well-known here in Denmark but that he hadn't seen any for sale in a while and wouldn't know where to go about finding one.

Do you know of any Scandinavian sporting goods stores (with websites) that I could look into? I imagine they must be like the giant Number One fingers we have in the States...
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I was in Denmark way back in 1986, and saw hats similar to this all over the place. If I recall correctly it had to do with the world cup, so maybe that will help in your searches.
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These are kinda retro even here ;) football match is the time and place to get.
I googled about a little in Swedish, but it's a bitch of a language to google in. There is this though, seems like a wholesale place, but you could maybe buy or get a sample?
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Best answer: The search term you want to use is klaphat (clapping hat). This site seems to sell it, but is Danish only.
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Oh, and klaphat is also a pejorative term for a fool, and google seems to return mostly results for the term in the slangy use.
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Response by poster: AwkwardPause, you are a god(dess)! Thank you so father will be delighted for years.
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Response by poster: On second examination, I don't think the site in question ships outside of Denmark...back to the drawing board, I'm afraid!
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Best answer: Here you go. It's DKK 136,85 ($ 28.50) including shipping and they only seem to ship to Denmark. If that's a problem for you I'll gladly re-ship it for you. Just MeFi mail me.

They have the worst shopping cart I think I've ever seen but I'll try to guide you through it. To buy:

- click "KØB" (buy)
- close that weird thing that pops up.
- click "Fortsæt bestillingen" (continue ordering)
- under "Afsender" type in your contact info. Navn = name. Adresse = Address. Postnr. = Postal code. By = City. Telefonnr. = Telephone number.
- check off "Jamen den er jo bare til mig selv." (it's not a present)
- uncheck "Afkryds, hvis du fremover vil modtage nyhedsbrevet." (do you want the newsletter?)
- click "Fortsæt bestillingen"
- click "Fortsæt bestillingen"
- check off "Ja - jeg accepterer handelsbetingelserne (klik i feltet)." (I agree to the T&Cs)
- click the icon of your preferred method of payment.

On preview I see I was beaten by AwkwardPause. The offer to re-ship it still stands, though.
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