google search hits are not quite neutral
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is there a good web site that searches or collects product reviews?

when investigating a product or gadget to buy, typing in 'review xyz' into google search more often than not produces hits on that item for sale somewhere, rather than actual blog-based reviews of the item. I often have to search very deep into the google search return to find blog-based reviews of the item. (I mean indepth reviews that 'unbox' the item etc - not simply the comments on the amazon page for the item).

Is there a website that collates or collects or links only to reviews? OR, is there a way to get google or some other search engine to only hit on blog-based (not including commercial stores like amazon) reviews of the product?
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I use Consumer Search pretty regularly.
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Oh, sorry, I should have read more carefully. You mentioned blog-based several times and what I suggested is more magazine-based. Scratch that.
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You can search only blogs with Google on the google home screen enter your search term and then click on "more" at the top of the screen and select "blogs". Your results will contain only blog entries with your term.
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Along those lines, you can also experiment with search strings, adding things like 'posted by' or 'add a comment,' excluding things like 'add to cart,' etc. If your current searches are producing too many results, this can be a good way to cull them.
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thanks, i'll try all the above.
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