How do I get to Cadillac Ranch from Amarillo?
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I'll soon be driving west through Amarillo. I'd love to visit Cadillac Ranch, but this Google Maps image isn't clear on the proper exit to take from I40. When I'm westbound, what's the easiest way to get to the strange and wonderful Ranch?
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This way seems to make sense.
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It really is quite visible from the road, if you're looking out for it. And the roads in west Texas are easily navigated. I recall spotting it from the highway while traveling west and took the exit for what was probably Arnot (see map ref'd above), and worked my back east along the frontage road. You park along the frontage road and walk.
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coffeefilter is correct. There is no exit for it. You just pull off the highway and walk out there.
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It is just after Amarillo. Keep your eyes peeled. Pull over when you see it. There's not a lot out there....
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