how to give money to the democrats
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I want to give more $$ to the Democrats, but I don't know where to give. If I give to the DNC-how can they use the money now that Kerry has accepted federal money? I've given to Move On already. What other groups are out there? (I especially want to give to someone who is attacking these swift boat a-holes directly on TV. Is anyone doing that?)
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Daily Kos has been targetting certain races around the country where we either have a good chance to pick up a seat or the opponent is especially odious, so you could look at those and give, or there's the DSCC, which is for Senatorial candidates and races.

I don't think anyone is collecting money just to attack the Swift Boats (which is pretty much over now that the convention started--the media's lost interest for now in it), but MoveOn or ACT or another 527 or PAC is good for that stuff in general.
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You might consider Richard Morrison, the guy who is running against Tom Delay.
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Boo...give the money to your favorite charity instead. They're a hell of a lot more deserving anyway.
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You can't give to John Kerry anymore. But the DNC can run ads for John Kerry also (not sure on the limits of collaboration.) Most of the John Kerry ads today are DNC ads, since Kerry's saving his money to go head-to-head with Bush's matching funds once the RNC ends.

MoveOn PAC has made some ads challengining the Swift Boat arguements.
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Response by poster: BlueTrain, the two are not mutually exclusive. I can still give to both...

This is great! Keep 'em coming. I'm looking at all of them.

Does Richard Morrison have a chance???
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Consider the local democratic party of swings states.
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You could also give to a candidate in your state.
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Boo...give the money to your favorite charity instead. They're a hell of a lot more deserving anyway.

...but few are more deserving of having money given to their opponents than Bush & co.
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ActBlue has some good lists of which Democrats could use some support right about now. They are just a front-end that enable people to give money to certain candidates but it's sort of fun to browse and see how the various Dems are categorized. I personally like the people endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign but if you're one of those people who click the "wherever my money is needed most" checkboxes, helping some really close House or Senate races might do more overall than tossing more money to Kerry. I met some interesting grass roots organizations including ActBlue when I was at the DNC, all of which were interesting and worthwhile in their own ways. I made a post [self link] with all their URLs.
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