Where to play piano for free in NYC just once?
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Where to play piano for free in NYC just once? A out-of-town friend wants to play piano in NYC: are there public spaces with pianos? A way to play at a church? (And note: I just mean play for playing sake, not play for an audience.)
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Not NY specific but I've had luck in hotel lounges. Sit down, order a coffee, and play away.
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This is a general answer -
Try asking at hotels (probably, you'll have better luck with the smaller ones), pubs/bars and churches - for starters. I used to go piano-hopping/hunting when I was somewhat addicted to pianos; one can usually find pianos in hotels, pubs, churches, shopping malls, sometimes condomeniums/apartment blocks (my friend's service apartment in NYC had a piano on one floor)... and then of course there are piano/music shops and showrooms, music rooms belonging to college campuses (or just pianos that you find on college campuses), youth/rec/community centres/clubs, music schools and/or dance studios. In my experience, the Methodist churches seem the most generous when it comes to letting a stranger play their piano for a couple of hours (uh but ymmv). :)
I suppose it's usually better to ask for permission, but sometimes (when I knew I probably wouldn't get their permission if I asked explicitly) I'd just play pianos (especially hotel pianos) without asking); sometimes they'd stop me, sometimes they'd let me keep on playing, sometimes they'd let me keep on playing until I played something they didn't like (i.e. something that sounded non-lounge-piano-ish and more jarring).
(Someone should make a global piano-map.)
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I knew someone who would go to Steinway and pretend to be rich and interested. They seem to let you play without much hassle.
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Go to a piano store.
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Retirement homes... and you'll probably find a willing group of folks who appreciate the diversion...
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Guitar Center on 14th St.
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When I stayed at the West Side YMCA (W. 63rd st) back in 2001, they had a grand piano in a room just beside the main entrance on the right. I was able to play on it and I think even someone not staying there would be able to as well (although the room is not closed off). The piano was not in good condition though.
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Thanks everyone!
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Here's our city's most useful site for listings of practice rooms with pianos (some quite cheap).
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