Heuristics and Morality
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Any pointers to books/people/readers/papers on heuristics in morality?

[Background: I believe most people make moral decisions based on heuristics that they have picked up from their cultural environment. There's a paper showing why this is not always such a good idea here. I am also somewhat sceptical of most ethical theories. In my experience, with practical problems in a complex world, you can justify almost anything by picking a sympathetic logical frame for the issue. So rather than discarding heuristics, I'd like to know what a good heuristic might be.]

At a very simple level: question authority might be a useful moral heuristic. But I am not so much looking for aphorisms as reports of work that examines the whole approach (ie using heuristics in a positive way to solve ethical problems). Even a suitable google phrase might be useful (I tried "applied ethics", for example, but that is more concerned with applying the kind of "first principles" approach that I have little faith in).

Alternatively, if this is hopelessly naive and uninformed, is there an introduction to ethics I should be reading that addresses the issues of complexity and incomplete information?

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This episode of RadioLab will be right up your alley.
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If you want to get familiar with traditional ethical theories, as a piece of background as you develop your own view, it's probably a good idea to get an "intro to ethics" type textbook. I have always found James Rachels' to be very readable and concise. (You can probably find a copy for much cheaper at a used bookstore, since it's widely assigned for intro ethics classes.)
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A good heuristic is based on a value judgement ("good"), which is based on your ethics. I don't know why you write off ethics in this question, but to me that is what undergirds the kinds of choices involved in your questions. Have you read Spinoza's TIE?
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