How much postage do I need?
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How much postage do I need?

I am mailing a standard envelope with one piece of paper and an 8.5" x 11" piece of cardboard (cut into puzzle pieces), but I don't know how much postage I need. Can anyone with a postal scale weigh the piece of cardboard from the back of a standard 8.5" x 11" pad of paper plus one piece of paper and an envelope and tell me the total weight?

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I'm going to *guess* that it would come out to 80 cents, but in my experience, the individual letter carriers don't care (or notice) that much. It's a standard envelope, with only slightly heavier than standard innards--it will almost certainly go through with normal postage. (FWIW, I mailed in my rent checks and bills for 6 months several cents shy of the actual postage, and they all went through. I've mailed an envelope of change with standard postage, and it went through.)
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Here's the current rate listing for the USPS. Make a guess on the weight. Apply a few stamps as needed.
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$.83 should do it, but if the cardboard is thick, make it $1.34. You can calculate postage at the USPS site.
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Oh, and by the way, if you take it to the post office - they will weigh it for you.
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Why don't you just mail it from the post office? They will charge you exactly the amount of postage that you need, no more, no less.
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Also, if the post office weighs it and stamps it, it will go through even if they screwed up (by, say, not taking thickness into account)
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FWIW, 5 nickles weigh very close to one ounce if you haven't scale.
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Since I have a postage scale and the materials, here you go:

A standard envelope, a sheet of paper, and the cardboard backing off an 8.5 x 11 notepad* weigh exactly 1.5 oz. I'd round it up to 2 oz to be safe.

*Not sure if notepad cardboard thicknesses and weights are standard, ymmv, etc.
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