Beautiful blue book.
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Help locating a particular kind of journal.

About four years ago, a friend gave me a journal. It is blue, pretty thick (250-350 pages, I think), and best of all, flexible (not hardcover - but the cover is still thick material). She bought it at Chapters or Indigo.

I would really, really like to get another journal. I filled that one up two years ago, and have been using Moleskines since, but I miss the blue one. The only clue about its origins? A tiny stamp on the back, "Iquelrius".

I've tried googling for "Iquelrius" and journals, and I've searched the Chapters/Indigo site. One of my friends works in a Chapters and says they no longer carry that "kind" of journal.

Any idea where I might be able to order one online, or any stores in Toronto or Buffalo that may carry them? I am pretty desperate to find another.

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: I have a bunch of notebooks from the Miquelrius company. They are great. Sounds like it could be a Flexible Notebook.
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Best answer: that squiggle? is an "m".
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Response by poster: i feel stupid, but not entirely responsible for posting the wrong name. i tried to remember the name from memory (as the journal resides at my best friend's house) and google'd random things like "iqulrs" and "iquilirs" (Google kindly asked if i meant 'squirrels').

so when i e-mailed my best friend to ask for the name, she too overlooked the m as a squiggle.

i love MetaFilter.

thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Yeah, don't feel stupid. Logo designers, take heed!
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Their website designers should take heed too! It's so frustrating to have to click five or six times just to get to a single product, and then begin the whole process again to look at another one, especially when the category names aren't self-explanatory.
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