Seattle, yes. Hydroplanes, no.
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I hate Seafair. Is there anything family friendly to do just slightly outside of the greater Seattle area? Bellingham, perhaps? Please, no zoos or waterparks; I've done them all already.
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Best answer: Amen - there's no better time to get away from Seattle than Seafair. For family stuff, have you checked the P-I's short trips for ideas? Most are weekend-long vacations, but a few are an easy drive from Seattle - reading it last week, I had no idea that there was a medieval village in Carnation.

(Channel 13's version of the same - it suggests this water park)

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If you had just posted this one question earlier, it would be 98118. The ZIP code for Sayres Park where the hydro pits are located.

I'm not even sure if there's a term for that. ZIP-ponysterical?
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But anyway, up in our end of town (Northgate) you barely hear any of it. So you don't even have to leave Seattle to avoid it.

Carnation isn't a bad destination -- not only the medieval village, but also Remlinger Farms. It's more aimed for young kids, but it's a working farm. Looks like it's a raspberry U-Pick weekend for them as well.
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Leavenworth? It's a nice drive, at least.
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There is a temperate rainforest on the NW slopes of Rainier near the Carbon River easy cool hike.
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Baker Hot Springs, perhaps.
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Best answer: We flee the airplane noise, too. I find that going west within the city works--when the kids were little we'd go to the Hiawatha wading pool near California and Admiral during the airshow, and barely heard the damn things. Or you can take it a little bit further west and go to Colman Pool, the municipal saltwater pool on the edge of the sound.

Getting out of town completely is effective, though a big hassle...It feels much less oppressive when you're just going to a different part of town to hang out doing something fun. Rather than getting strafed in your own home by warplanes.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the answers!

* Thank you, milkrate! I had not heard of the Camlann medieval village before, and we visited it this morning. The people there were very, very nice, although the place and its activities were smaller than I expected.

* Thank you, Sublimity. I had no idea there were that many public wading pools in Seattle! Lots of fun for the kids down the road.
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