Who wrote a song about the Heath High School shooting?
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Who sings this song (1.7MB mp3) about the 1997 Heath High School Shooting?

Been digging though my box 'o tapes, and this haunting song is on one of them but recorded separately from any subsequent DJ set. Googling the lyrics turns up nothing, but the names dug up a tragedy.

The only other detail I can provide is that it was probably recorded at least 5, and probably eight years ago.. because the rest of the tape is WFMU dj's who reference east orange, and the playlists aren't searchable, a hallmark of pre-2001 shows.
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Heath High School is Steven Curtis Chapman's alma mater. It's a long shot, but perhaps someone on his site's message board can help.
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Yeah, I came across his site already, after previewing some of his music I'm pretty sure it's not by him.
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streamable link here
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I wasn't suggesting that S.C.C. performed the song. I thought the forum there might be another option for asking about the song.
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