Two straws. One glass. Lots of tequila.
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Do you know of anywhere in New York City where they serve margaritas in huge novelty glasses, like where multiple people drink from the same glass?

My girlfriend really wants to find a place like this, and Google hasn't helped (neither has walking around). Any ideas? Thanks!
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Dallas BBQs serves huge drinks, I think you could probably get more than one straw in those.
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"Red" on Fulton St. at the South Street Seaport serves yards (and pitchers) of margaritas. That's fairly huge and novelty. It's a kinda crappy place, though, to be honest.
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While an undergrad I went to Brother Jimmy's ( 2 locations, one upper west the other upper east side ) and they serve drinks in either fishbowls or garbage cans depending on how many people you have, if I remember correctly. Not sure if they do it for margharita's specifically, but I'm sure you could ask. Both places are total sh!tholes. I mean worse than dive bars. And don't even think about the food.
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Isn't this more or less what SeƱor Swanky's is for?

You can get a giant margarita at the Chevy's in Times Square - 46th and Broadway, approximately - but I'm not sure I'd recommend it. The best margarita in town, at least when I was there, was the mango margarita, served in the basement bar of Citrus.
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I've been to Brother Jimmy's on the UWS before, sometime a few months ago. It wasn't horrible, much better than a dive bar, with a very Southern-themed decor, etc. Maybe it changed since zap rowsdower was there?
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Zombie Hut in Brooklyn serves some sort of tiki-themed called a Scorpion Bowl drink made for several people to drink from simultaneously.
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Mi Nidito, on 8th Avenue just north of 51st Street, serves 25 different kinds of margarita, one better than the next. Admittedly, getting two people to agree on one for sharing is pretty tough, but they're so good she'll want her own anyway.

Oh and the food, while expensive, is fantastic.
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Caliente Cab has novelty glasses you can take home, I'm not sure they're meant for sharing, but IMHO are large enough. Food is ok, not great.
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